About Us

“Designs for living a beautiful Life”, by Rose Hof-Blackburn.  Dreamt up in Vancouver in 2004, our first collection was available spring 2005.  Rose is a Canadian designer who finds the best groups of people, and quality materials, to make her Ladies Accessories design dreams come true. Wherever that may be: Thailand, China, Italy and France are where she finds the quality and expertise needed to realize her design dreams.   Rose grew up in Montreal, moved to Calgary, then Vancouver after graduating from LaSalle College.

Our philosophy is all about providing the latest styles, ultimate function, impeccable quality, and of course maximum affordability. We believe that everyone should be able to boast the latest fashion trends season after season.

We hope you love the Collection and live the life you deserve, while looking gorgeous every day. God Bless.

Pink Lily is a Trademark, of Rose Hof-Blackburn.

 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection:

Pink Lily Jewellery is Handmade and imported from Thailand.

The Pink Lily 925 Sterling Silver Collection consists of fresh, fashionable, handmade pieces; earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets.

Beautiful basics: Hearts, Marine, Charms, the list goes on and on. Lots of great gift ideas, for every occasion.

Luxury Hair Accessories from France:

Rose has a great love (obsession) for a well made barrette.  She wanted to design her own Collection that had the quality she demanded and could not find. We knew the consumer also wanted quality, everyone she talked to spoke of the same problem, “I’m tired of buying products that fall apart in my hands after three wears”.  Therefore, off to France she went,  where the best hair accessories are found.

Pink Lily luxury hair accessories come to life in France.  Crafted by hand and with devotion, the Collection reflects the extensive time and labor involved. The quality of the hardware on each piece is the best the world has to offer, they are functional, strong, and beautiful.

The one week process involved in making each piece reflects the 100 year old tradition of making hair ornaments in France.

The Collection uses luxury tortoise material made from cellulose acetate sheets.  We do not use any animal products in the manufacture of the Collection.

Fashionable,  traditional styles are what the Collection reflects.  Quality which surpasses any on the market today!  Quality, durability, and excellent hardware define what Pink Lily is all about. We want you to collect these pieces and adore them year in and year out. These styles go to the office, gym, tennis court or golf course, out to dinner, they can be worn day and evening, they are exceptional.  Please enjoy….
PK Metal Program

We hope you enjoy our fun and well priced Metal Collection from China. Bobby Pins and well made Jaws with Rhinestones to dazzle the eye. Enjoy….